Join the Secret Gardeners


Join the Secret Gardeners and receive one point for every dollar you spend at the Garden. Points can be redeemed for great discounts on pre-rolls, edibles,  3.5g pre-packs, and more…


Be sure to ask your budtender to sign you up next time you’re in.

150 pts

SGC Lighter

250 pts

Get $4
Off Any Flower Preroll

400 pts

SGC Branded Toker Poker
For $1

450 pts

Get $8
Off a Gram of Flower

500 pts

Get $10
Off Any In-house Edible

600 pts

SGC Baked Pen Battery

750 pts

Get $12
Off “Dab-able” Concentrate

900 pts

Get 20% Off Apparel
Free $18 Grinder

1000 pts

$20 Off Any Eighth of Flower
$20 Off an In-House Vape Cartridge

1200 pts

SGC Cap or Beanie

1500 pts

Free SGC T-shirt
$30 Off a Bong or Dab Rig

2000 pts

Half Gram Concentrate
For $10

4000 pts

1 Gram SGC Vape Cartridge & Baked Battery For $5 – Free SGC Sweater

5000 pts

Get $100
Off an Ounce of Flower