Our Cannabis Cultivation in Anchorage

Secret Garden’s in house flower is grown in our custom-engineered, state of the art cultivation facility near downtown Anchorage.

A Plant First Approach

The ability to maintain optimal growing environments through all of the growth phases allows our team the ability to showcase the plant’s unique characteristics, compounds, and terpene profiles using multiple growing techniques and mediums.

State Of The Art Facilities &
In-House Extraction. 

Climate-controlled curing rooms allow for a slow and natural drying and curing process. We put so much time, attention, and positive vibes into the plants that it would be a shame to rush the final step. Focusing on state and local compliance with high-level attention to detail and facility sanitation, we stand by our mission statement to procure and create the highest quality Cannabis products available.

Our in-house extraction is a blend of art and science. Here at the Secret Garden, we pride ourselves on bringing the best qualities out of the plant and leaving behind the impurities. This allows our customers to receive the best product possible – high-quality cannabis products for like-minded cannabis users. We take this same passion and cannabis oil and infuse it into our delicious, scratch-made edible products.

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