Deck the Halls with Cannabis: Celebrate the Holidays Secret Garden Style!

Here at Secret Garden, we’re not just your go-to dispensary for top-quality cannabis; we’re also your partner in elevating your holiday season. Whether you’re planning festive gatherings or simply want to add some extra cheer to your holidays, we’ve got some delightful surprises in store for you! 

Jingle Trees, Jingle Trees, Cannabis All the Way! 

Starting from December 13th through the 24th, we’re bringing you a unique holiday treat – Christmas Trees! These are no ordinary trees; they’re 7 grams or more of untrimmed cannabis colas, lovingly preserved to resemble festive Christmas trees. It’s our way of spreading holiday spirit and top-notch cannabis to you. Get ready to deck the halls with these delightful trees for just $65 per unit. 

12 Days of Christmas Deals, Because We Know You’ve Been Nice! 

We’re kicking off the holidays with a fantastic lineup of deals inspired by the classic song. From December 13th to 24th, Secret Garden presents the “12 Days of Christmas Deals.” Some of them are appropriately themed, while others are just pure cannabis goodness! Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect: 

$20 Off any SGC Deli Strain of 7G or more

Our Deli strains, renowned for their freshness and flavor, are now even more appealing. 

Introducing... Christmas Carts! Christmas Carts! Christmas Carts!

Get ready for a jolly ride with our Christmas-themed .5g Cart for just $30, that’s $5.00 off! Try “Snow Day” and experience the holiday vibes. 

Golden Rings - Lemon Gummies for $20 all day

Treat yourself to tangy lemon gummies that are as good as gold. 

Geese a-laying (sleeping) - 15% Off All Indica Products

Need to catch up on your Zs after a day of holiday hustle? Our Indica products are here to help. 

Swans Swimming - $5.00 Off ALL Drinkables

Dive into the world of cannabis-infused drinks, now at an even sweeter price. 

] Deal on Eggnog, and Chocolate Milk (maids milking)

Sip on the holiday spirit with our cannabis-infused eggnog and chocolate milk specials. 

Ladies Dancing and Lords Leaping - 15% Off All Sativa Products

Celebrate with a burst of energy from our Sativa products. 

Pipers Piping - 20% Off All Glass Products

Upgrade your smoking experience with our fantastic glass products. 

Christmas Eve Surprise: The Gift that Keeps on Giving! 

On Christmas Eve, we have a special gift for our wonderful patrons. Spend over $100, and you’ll have the chance to pull from our Christmas Present, filled with 100 raffle tickets. Three of those tickets hold the grand prize – a half ounce of premium cannabis for just 1 Penny! Plus, everyone gets a little something, so it’s a win-win for all. 

Ring in the New Year with a Bang! 

As the holiday season winds down, we’re gearing up for New Year’s celebrations! From December 26th through the 30th, spend over $100 for a chance to win a “Roman Candle Cone” – a dazzling 14-gram cone. We’ll announce the lucky winners on New Year’s Eve so you can light up the new year in style!

At Secret Garden, we believe in making your holidays merry and bright. From our themed Christmas Trees to the “12 Days of Christmas Deals” and New Year’s fireworks, we’ve got your holiday celebrations covered. Join us at the Garden, where the holiday spirit meets top-quality cannabis. Wishing you a joyous and elevated holiday season!