It’s no secret that Secret Garden has the best cannabis products in Alaska, at the best prices! From flower, to concentrates, vapes, edibles, and so much more– Secret Garden is your go-to spot for all of the top cannabis products in the Anchorage area. Secret Garden also has the best budtenders in the biz. We love our Secret Garden budtenders, and so do our customers. Check out our 5-star Google reviews! Over and over, our budtenders are recognized for their above-and-beyond friendliness, deep cannabis knowledge, and stellar customer service. What are Secret Garden’s top-selling cannabis products? With so many to choose from, it’s hard to narrow down the best of the best. So we asked our amazing budtenders for their opinion, and they had a lot to say. We have ranked their most mentioned products below! Read on for all the deets on Secret Garden’s five most popular products.

What is Secret Garden best known for? “Big stanky buds” at great prices!


By far, the most mentioned Secret Garden product on our budtender surveys was our fantastic selection of “big stinky buds”! Our premium weed simply cannot be beaten.

Our budtenders called out Secret Garden’s in-house Deli selection as their favorite type of flower – Deli buds are known for their freshness, dankness, and wallet-friendly prices.

The top Deli flower strain Secret Garden budtenders recommend is A.L.G. DJ Short Blueberry, one of the best Indica strains around! DJ Short Blueberry is the west coast’s fave Blueberry varietal, and it’s no wonder. DSB’s terpene profile features myrcene, pinene, and caryophyllene which contribute to its sweet, berrylicious aroma and taste and give you classic indica hybrid effects like full body relaxation and stress relief.

If you’re looking for the best hybrid strains, check out Cream Kush– another Deli specialty and budtender favorite known as one of the top kush strains, Cream Kush tastes like it sounds– creamy and delicious. Bred from a back cross of Pineapple Cream Kush, this strain features heavy doses of the terpenes myrcene, alpha pinene and ocimene, which provide a pineapple/apricot flavor and soothing, yet uplifting effects that pack a serious punch.


Next on our list of budtender-recommended popular products are convenient and discreet vape cartridges– a Secret Garden customer favorite.

Vaping cannabis is growing in popularity due to its ease, discretion, and fast-acting effects. Today’s strain-specific cartridges give you the dialed-in benefits of a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes, with no lingering smoke or smells. Whether you prefer indica, sativa, or hybrid strains, Secret Garden is guaranteed to have a cartridge that will be a perfect fit for your vaping needs. Simply screw on to a rechargeable vape battery (need one? We got ‘em) and enjoy! In addition, Secret Garden’s premium cartridges only contain in-house grown and derived cannabinoids and terpenes, without any additives or potentially harmful residual chemicals. Our state of the art Co2 extraction process ensures that what you smoke will deliver the intended effects with no additives or out-of-state produced ingredients. We currently have the largest in-house selection of cartridge flavors in Alaska!


If you love smoking joints but hate the hassle of rolling them, pre-rolls are a perfect choice for you. Available in 1 gram or 0.5 gram sizes, pre-rolls are ideal for packing in your day bag or sharing with friends. Secret Garden’s pre-rolls are available in all your favorite strains (including budtender faves DJ Short Blueberry, Cream Kush, and Powdered Donuts) at a fantastic price. Looking for a heightened pre-roll experience? Try a budtender-recommended infused joint. These specialty, premium pre-rolls are fortified with added THC and terpenes for extra-potent flavor and effects in a variety of flavors and producers. Want to plan ahead? Grab a $20 5-pack of pre-rolls for a party or a trip. What a great deal!


Just like all the best gardens, Secret Garden has no shortage of tasty things to eat and drink. Cannabis edibles provide potent, long-lasting effects and there are so many different delicacies to explore. 100 mg edibles are a popular packaging option, available in gourmet formulations like brownies, mints, chocolates, cookies, hard candies, and the ever-popular gummies. Check out our extensive edible selection! But one of the most popular edibles at Secret Garden is actually a drink! Budtenders recommend Tundra Brewing infused drinks – Tangy and delicious , 25 mg or 100 mg cannabis-infused beverages that come in all-natural flavors like blueberry mojito, cranberry spritzer, Alaska rose-hip lemonade, pomegranate orange, strawberry mango, and tundra punch– Yum! Highly refreshing and has a flavor to suit just about anyone’s preference! These beverages utilize nano-emulsification so you’ll be enjoying the effects almost immediately compared to other infused treats that take time to work. Come try one out for yourself today! Keep in mind that a single-serve dose of a cannabis edible is typically 5-10 mg, so make sure to split your Tundra Brew into several servings, or share with friends responsibly!

Tundra Brews are one of our most popular cannabis-infused edibles.

If you prefer to eat your edibles, then Garden Gummies are the next best thing! Created by our manufacturing ninjas, Garden Gummies are tart and sweet with a satisfying chew that packs a punch! Look for them in stores all over Alaska and enjoy responsibly! Fruity and flavor packed, Garden Gummies come in Blueberry, Strawberry, Lime, Orange, and Lemon. If you can’t decide what flavor to try, we’ve got you covered with our famous multipack, featuring all 5 flavors! Garden Gummies are sure to check all the boxes for your discreet edible needs!


FECO stands for full extract cannabis oil, and syringes of FECO are another top recommendation from our budtenders. Full extract cannabis oil contains all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids present in whole-plant cannabis. Thanks to the entourage effect, each of these elements provides maximum benefits when accompanied by its full-extract team, so effects are potent and long-lasting with FECO oil. While cannabis concentrates like shatter, badder or bubble hash are primarily designed for smoking or dabbing and FECO is also a dabbable concentrate primarily, some people ingest FECO in small to large doses and it is known for providing potential long-lasting effects like pain and anxiety relief amongst many more. Potential effects are customizable depending on the strain, so ask our budtenders for their personalized FECO syringe recommendations today! We currently have the largest in-house selection of FECO oil available in Alaska! Try our award-winning Sunset Zkittles FECO oil today!


Secret Garden budtenders are proud to work here, and it shows. One of the most popular “products” that draw customers in according to our budtender surveys is our dispensary itself! Two things about Secret Garden were called out by our budtenders as extra special:

Hands down, we’ve got the best Anchorage dispensary deals! $25 eighths, $10 grams, and $4 pre-rolls every day make us the go-to dispensary for the best prices on top-shelf Alaskan cannabis.
The Infinity Room! This secret glimpse into our growing operation is a customer favorite. Our dispensary has a choice view of our lush room of flowering cannabis plants, surrounded on all sides by mirrors. You can smell their tasty terps too with our state-of-the-art “smell-o-vision” – You’ll feel like you’ve died and gone to weed heaven!
Want to try one of these popular products, or maybe you’re looking for something else? We are eager to welcome you to the Secret Garden. Stop in to see us today, or check out our menu and order ahead online!